Domains, the bit after the 'www' part of a website address or after the '@' of an email address. E.g. or, the '' is the the part know as the domain.

If your desired domain name is available we can register and set up what are known as domain records to help the internet find where your website is or where your email has to go. Most domain names are registered for a minimum of 2 years (a select few are 1 year). You don't actually own the domain name, just pay to be able to use it for the duration of the period registered for.

We are members of Nominet which is the UK organisation for all domains ending with '.uk'. We can offer 2 year registration of .uk domains from £12+vat and .com from £25+vat which includes the hosting of the domain records allowing the domain name to have what ever records you wish to set.

We can also register and be your agent for other types of domains including '.net', '.org' & even novelty registrations e.g. '.dj' or '.it'

As a member of Nominet, Allness will be able to register various '.uk' domains directly and not through a 3rd party. Please note though for some 'uk' domain registration Allness will require some documentation for proof of Company or Personal name and full postal address. On such occasions Allness will require a form to be filled and returned, accompanied by at least 2 different document copies of utility bill, bank statement, etc that clearly shows name and address. Other details within the document can be blanked out for privicy reasons. These document copies will be held on file with Allness for the duration of the registration with Allness and will be availble upon request for viewing by Nominet officials. No other party will be privvy to these documents. Upon cease of the domain registered with Allness, any document held with Allness that was as proof will be either returned or destroyed at your request. In exceptional circumstances whereby Nominet invalidates the registraiton of your domain we will have no choice but to suspend the registration until such times whereby Nominet accepts validation or registration is ceased.

Please note Nominet's Terms and conditions as you will be required to acknowledge these T&C's when registering a '.uk' domain.
Plus Nominets Three-way contract should be read too.
...And finally Nominets Registrar Agreement is what Allness has to adhere to!