The design of your website is crucial. It needs to load fast on even the slowest of computers, mobile phones or tablet. So many times we've seen bloated and badly designed websites where the design has only ever been viewed on the creators high end specification, all singing and dancing computer and blisteringly fast internet connection. Your opening webpage needs to load within 5~10 seconds on the slowest communication method still in use else the potential customer will just go back to the search results and try the next one.

Your design needs to be eye catching but not so busy that it loses the point your trying to get accross. Animation is fine, in small doses. Just make sure the animation doesn't overt the eye from the sales pitch you wish to convey.

Your website needs to have all the important information right in front of the new potential customer without them having to wade through countless links and badly organised menus.

In brief, apply whats has been commonly known as the 'KISS' principle, (click here for a wikipedia explanation)

Keeping the above in mind we can design a website around your branding or ideas based on a 4 page template from £225.