System Status

  • 10/07/17 11:44

    Reports of some email not being received @10am this morning.
    Found a faulty cable meaning internal MX system was failing to receive some email.

  • 03/06/17 17:23

    There's a general internet problem affecting everyone. It appears to very widespread and not just relating to my suppliers.

  • 25/05/17 17:36

    We have had to stop the email system to handle a backlog of email due to a compromised email account. services should resume shortly.

    System back on line but there will be some backlash from email providers blacklisting our email system for a short period.

  • 10/03/17 09:17

    We are aware of problems making outbound calls. It has been reported to the telco carrier and we are awaiting a response
    Fix reported at 9:20am

  • 20/02/17 13:25

    We are investigating a node failure that will cause some customers loss of internet.

  • 29/01/17 09:11

    We are working on the cloud storage system this morning

    11:05 - work finished

  • 15/12/16 08:45

    Season Greetings.. We will be closed from 22nd Dec 2016 until 6th Jan 2017 inclusive. Voice mail and Email will be monitored for emergencies during this time. Have a Happy Christmas and Merry New Year.

  • 21/11/16 21:09

    New Mikrotik training course dates available

  • 18/11/16 08:20

    Investigating a network node failure

  • 26/10/16 14:15

    Update: Filters updated and email system appears to be working well.

    We will be making some adjustments to the email spam filters this evening as the current filtering is struggling to catch it all.