We decided to take on the project of getting a respectable speed WiFi service over the Kidderminster area. We started in 2010 with small areas at first but have moved onward to cover most of the town.

This isn't the sort of wifi you can connect to with your laptop, smartphone of tablet. It requires a small special receiver placed on your building (higher the better) with a line of sight to one of our 6 main transmitters. A cable is then run from the receiver to a socket placed inside your building delivering internet access without the need of a phone line, just a power socket.

This product doesn't compare with the likes of Virgin, Sky or BT, firstly becasue we don't target you with the promise of free stuff, secondly you don't need to have our phone service to get the best deal and thirdly you don't have to put up with out of country customer service. We charge for a month by month provision and then a charge for the data consumed. That's it. Simple.

Provision for up to a 10mbit circuit costs from as little as £15/month (£18 inc VAT). Data is charged per Gigabyte. There is a peak and off peak charge rate at the moment until a more flexible data supplier can be sourced. 1GB during peak hours costs £2.50. During off peak you can use up to 25GB for £2.50 (£3 inc VAT) See the table below for data inclusive packages.

The only other cost involved is the setup charge of £60 (£78 inc VAT). This is to cover the cost of the antenna installation. You can if you wish spread this cost over 6 months. This would mean you would be contracted to stay with us for a minimum period of 6 months rather than the normal 1 month.

Home userex     /inc VATPeak Off Peak
Light£15.00£18.001 GB75 GB
Medium£22.50£27.002 GB100 GB
Heavy£41.67£50.005 GB200 GB
Business user
Light£24.00£28.803 GB50 GB
Medium£35.00£42.006 GB100 GB
Heavy£62.00£74.4010 GB275 GB

If you are like many people in the area, not able to get superfast fiberoptic broadband (although that in itself is false advertising as very few houses actually get fibre optic to the door!), fed up of slow evening speeds or just want uncomplicated internet access, find out if it is available to you. Email us via here stating your name, postcode and telephone number if you wish us to call you back rather than email.